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In the Media 

Media Publications

Israeli team Knights Battles – Provided public relations services for an international tournament hosted in Israel with participants from
seven countries and other international tournaments in Austria and Croatia. Built positioning and branded the new sport of Knights in Israel.


Olympic Committee - Organized the visiting of ambassadors and embassy personnel at the Olympic Committee and the Olympic experience.

• Divino Tango from Argentina – Provided public relations services for the group.


• Diplomacy PR – Public Relegations for Embassies - in collaboration with the magazine DIPLIMACY.CO.IL, public relations and events (press conferences and events) for embassies and diplomats


• Spokesperson for the annual meeting of the Association of Media Consultants and Public Relations in Israel in Eilat.

• Tandem Capital - Managed the public relations for the investment firm's Global Market conference.


• Public relations for high-tech companies and recruiting of investors for biotech companies.


• Rachel Gabriel, author – Provided public relations services.