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Mr. Zinger with H.E. Prahlad K . Prasai, embassador of Nepal and wife,
Silvia Golan (Diplomacy PR), 
Andreea Mocanu- Second Secretary & Political Affairs  ROMANIA, Mrs. Wakako Inataka- culture attache


Celebrating with the Uzbek people - Reception Independence Day of Uzbekistan




Reception for the 110th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Panama:

On Monday November 4, the Panamanian Embassy held a reception in honor of the 110th anniversary of its Independence. The reception was held at the Hilton hotel in Tel Aviv
, the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama in Israel, Hector Aparicio, opened the ceremony by welcoming all the guests. Among the guests were Ofir Akunis, Deputy Minister of Israel's Prime Minister office, Einat Kranz Meiger, Director of the Department of Mexico Central America and the Caribbean and Shlomo Morgan, Protocol Department from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and members of the foreign diplomatic corps.



Ukraine National Day 26.8.13
On Monday this week (26.08.13), Ukrainian Embassy held a reception in honor of the National Day of the Ukrainian people celebrated 22 years of its independence.  Ambassador Hennadii nadolenko and Mrs. Nadolenko, received the guests personally with a warm handshake.  Among the distinguished guests was Israel's immigration minister, Ms. Sofa Landver, Deputy Foreign Minister MK Zeev Elkin, members of the diplomatic staff of the foreign embassies in Israel and Israeli executives.



Slovakia Marks its Second Decade of Independence with a Reception and Garden Party at the Ambassador's Home 
Slovakia recently celebrated twenty years of independence. The event was held on September 16 at the Ambassador of Slovakia and Mrs. Radovan Javorčík's residence in Herzliya in their beautiful garden. The Ambassador and his wife along with Slovakia's military attaché Lubosh Klima received guests with a warm welcome.



Thailand Celebrates the 86th Birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the Country's National Day

On Monday, December 2, the Thai Embassy held a festive reception for the King's birthday and for the National Day of the Kingdom of Thailand. The event was held at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv and included a reception overflowing with Thai traditions. Guests were welcomed with a warm handshake by Thai Ambassador Boom-Long, his wife Kamolrat Boon-Long and embassy staff.  
As the representative of the Government of Israel, Minister of Agriculture, Yair Shamir wished his Majesty King  Bhumibol good health and happiness and best wishes to the people of Thailand.


Reception for Spain's National Day
On Thursday, October 10th, Spain's Ambassador and Mrs. Fernando Carderera, along with the Spanish Embassy Missions, celebrated Spain's National - "Columbus Day". The reception was held in the beautiful garden of the Ambassador's residence in Herzliya. Hundreds of distinguished guests came to congratulate the Ambassador and his wife, embassy staff and the Spanish people on this special day. The honored guests included Gideon Saar, Minister of the Interior, (previously Education Minister), ambassadors, members of the diplomatic missions in Israel, members of the foreign ministry, business leaders and friends of the Embassy.


Christians, Muslims, Jews, Diplomats, Religious Leaders and Academics in Solidarity with the Victims of the War in Syria
Peace activist and Honorary Consul of Croatia Shmuel Schlesinger initiated a gathering of friends calling to stop the killing of innocent Syrian people and to empathize with the innocent victims in the civil war in Syria.