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Pastry Chef Jennifer Schwartz from the Florida US is visiting Israel
Chef Jennifer (Yehudit) Schwartz, owner of the Maven Baker brand, specializing in kosher French pastries, has arrived to Israel on August 29 to September 14.18. She was interviewed, about the latest trends in kosher gourmet foods among American Jews and to demonstrate special desserts that she has developed and prepares for both kosher cafes (such as the legendary Mozart) and special invitations and events related to the Jewish community in the US and Florida in particular.
Chef Jennifer Schwartz has participated in many television programs in the United States and has participated in food festivals and competitions with leading chefs.
Among her other activities, Chef Jennifer Schwartz won first place in the Badia Spice Rub Competition for a unique flavor called "Holy Smokes" which she developed and which gives the food a smoky flavor. This spice is distributed by FIU brand worldwide.
Additional background and events in which she participated:
• owner of Maven Baker, specializing in Kosher French pastry:
• was on local TV show to promote the bakery
• head chef at Shaike's, Kosher catering company doing receptions from 200-600 people
• worked at Four Seasons learning the ins and outs of luxury catering and service
Special Events:
• Pastry chef at SOBE FEST -Miami’s food&wine festival kosher main event
• South Beach Food and Wine Fest 2013 and 2014
• Culinary Team Lead for awarding winning Bobby Flay at “Burger Bash”
• Culinary Lead for “Best of the Best” event, a 300+ person affair
• Culinary Coordinator for different events working with celebrity chefs
• American Fine Wine Competition 2013 and 2014
• Pastry chef for annual wine tasting event with menu pairings for wines
• Badia Spice Rub Competition Winner
• Developed new spice rub recipe, “Holy Smokes”
• Judged by celebrity chefs for Badia Spices, Inc.
• Distributed internationally and profits benefit FIU student scholarships
Her worlds Ahead Graduate Award:
• Recognized as top graduate in class for outstanding leadership and service to Chaplin School of Hospitality
• Urban Goat Project
• Collaborative sustainability project researching different goat breeds and milk quality
• Certified Angus Beef Scholarship Winner for Quality Menu Ingredients Essay

You are welcome to visit her Instagram page, to view and download photos at: https://www.instagram.com/themavenbaker/

interviewe at i24News:

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seven countries and other international tournaments in Austria and Croatia. Built positioning and branded the new sport of Knights in Israel.


Olympic Committee - Organized the visiting of ambassadors and embassy personnel at the Olympic Committee and the Olympic experience.

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• Diplomacy PR – Public Relegations for Embassies - in collaboration with the magazine DIPLIMACY.CO.IL, public relations and events (press conferences and events) for embassies and diplomats


• Spokesperson for the annual meeting of the Association of Media Consultants and Public Relations in Israel in Eilat.

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